“ Tarantola: soulful Italian gipsy-music mixed with lively rock undertones, straight from the heel of Italy. 
Tarantula always delivers an exotic and groovy set”, mixing live music with circus performance.
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Wild, Captivating, Uplifting


Our mission is to make you dance and sing with no rest.

Wild rhythms, uplifting melodies, and captivating circus performances will capture you in an intriguing, fascinating and wonderful dimension. 


During our shows you'll turn perfect strangers into your best friends, no matter their race, colour, religion, sexual orientation


                "We are all one"




Hailing straight from the boot of Italy, Tarantola is a Mediterranean Gypsy-Folk band that brings "Taranta", the traditional music of Salento to the British music scene. 

Tarantola comprises six energetic musicians who come from different corners of the world - Italy, Brasil, Spain, China, Cyprus and England – and who share their diverse musical influences to bring vibrant energetic performances to international audiences. Their shows combine elements of circus and a strong sense of theatre together with captivating songs that will not let your feet keep still!


Their EP, "Rogue Rouge Circus", containing four singles, each released monthly, from the 18th of January 2019 to mid-June 2019! 


Each song brings to life an episode, an intriguing and provocative story, about the relationships, adventures and mysteries, behind the canvas doors of the circus tent.

You will hear authentic tambourine rhythms grooving with enchanting whistles and violins, reminiscent of the circus, the sea, the tradition, the legend and the mysticism belonging to "brown skin people" of the Mediterranean lands.

Tarantola will be touring in England, Italy, and Spain for the summer of 2019.

You'll enjoy a perfect communion of wild gypsy music and Latin vibes with breathtaking circus performances.

Tarantola bites her victims and steals their souls, making them dance without rest in a unique live show.


"The Circus is Life, the Circus is you”


Direttamente dal tacco d'Italia, Tarantola è una band Gypsy-Folk-Taranta che porta il vento mediterraneo nella scena rock inglese.
Sei musicisti pieni d’energia provenienti da diverse parti d’Europa tra cui Italia, Spagna, Inghilterrab, Brasile e Cipro che condividono le loro diverse influenze musicali con accattivanti performance circensi esclusive per il nuovo album intitolato "Rogue Rouge Circus" che conterrA' 5 singoli, i quali saranno rilasciati mensilmente dal prossimo i18 Gennaio 2019.
Ogni canzone è un episodio di una storia provocante ed intrigante che parla del circo come metafora della vita di ogni essere umano e di tutti i misteri, le relazioni e le avventure che avvengono dietro il sipario.
Avrai la possibilità di seguire i live show del "Rogue Rouge Circus" a partire da Aprile  2017 e durante tutto il 2018/2019 in cui Tarantola sarA' on the road in Inghilterra, Spagna e Italia.
Ascolterai autentici ritmi di tamburello con incantevoli melodie di flauto e violino che ricordano il circo, il mare, la tradizione, la leggenda e l’esoterismo del Tacco di Bacco (Salento) e delle terre mediterranee..
Avrai finalmente l’occasione di ammirare una perfetta unione di musica Gypsy scatenata con performance circensi fuori dal normale.
Tarantola ruba l'anima delle sue vittime facendole danzare senza sosta.

“Il Circo è vita, Il Circo sei tu”




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December 24, 2016

"Different Music For Everyone,  

Their gipsy is the new Pop"

Yannis Iliopoulos

Rogue Rouge Circus is an enthusiasmatic, energetic and outstanding show. 

People have the chance to dance and singalong while they can watch circus performers entertaining them and interacting w...

December 24, 2016

“ Tarantola: soulful Italian folk music mixed with lively rock undertones, straight from the heel of Italy. 
Tarantola always deliver an exotic and groovy set mixed with outstanding circus performance".

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