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Tarantola expands its music web making people feel at home, no matter where they are from




Tarantola is a London-based Singer-Songwriter and Producer Mauro Lacandia, who invites artists and musicians from every corner of the world to be part of a multi-cultural Modern Reggae music collective. This includes guests from different countries, cultures and heritages as part of a family where cultural diversity is celebrated as an essential form of connection and exchange.


Mauro seeks to recreate the legend of “Taranta” (traditional music from the boot of Italy), represented by a spider that bites humans, bringing them to a state of trance that can only be cured through music, dance and love. As the main goal, Tarantola aims to unite and inspire people, inviting them to feel at home, no matter where they are from.


Tarantola’s music combines modern Reggae beats (similar to Skip Marley, Koffee) with soulful and catchy melodies (in the style of Chronixx), mixed with bouncy rhythms, slang and sounds reminiscent of South Italy and the Mediterranean. Each live show combines high-energy performances, intimate moments of interaction with the crowd and captivating songs that will not let your feet keep still!


The collective expands its musical web with every release, collaborating with established artists such as Awa Fall, supported by the Italian Reggae Ambassador Treble Lu Professore (former Sud Sound System, Boomdabash, Mama Marjas) and The Sound Of Everything UK label.


Tarantola has been featured in ‘Irie Magazine’, been interviewed on ‘Rai2 Tv News’ (Italian national TV) and performed in prestigious venues and festivals such as Koko (London) supporting The Feeder, Bestival (Lulworth Castle), Hootananny (Brixton-Sold Out), Arts by the River Festival (Bournemouth - Headliners). 


Tarantola is now working on “One Blood”, a new album of collaborations featuring International Reggae Artists and musicians.

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