First EP
 "Tarantola won't let you go
     She stings and sucks your blood, 
   Tarantola won't give any grace, 
     Your demon soul will never leave this place"  M. L.
Tarantola's first Ep is the product of a very strong mix of "Taranta" (typical music from Salento - Italy) with Irish Folk music and English Rock music. 
Everything happened very fast when in early 2016 Mauro and Paolo met Jai Northover (the first Irish whistLer player of the band). As soon as they started jamming together, they immediately found a perfect complicity that brought them to create this new sound that blends very well fast Taranta grooves with enchanting Irish melodies. 
You can hear a lot of singalong melodies and riffs that make these songs memorable and accessible to people of every age.
Tarantola still mantains the original sound, though it's now improved, faster, groovier and more catchy since the band has included Estelle at the violin, Simone at the bass and Edoardo at the drums.